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Set scheduling and replacements on autopilot. Automate your time clock and attendance and optimize staffing budgets.

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No matter the complexity of your workforce, Voilà! helps you go the extra mile.

It took 2 weeks of implementation and testing but we are thrilled as we are now saving between 2 hours and 5 hours of work everyday!
Benjamin Mercier, Administration Technician
CIUSSS de l’Ouest-de-l’île-de-Montréal
The Voilà! app allows me to save so much time in preparing my schedules!
Floor Manager
Le Diamant
Teams using the app seem in control! Honestly, I didn’t know the app at all when I took over scheduling and it couldn’t have been easier, it’s going very well. If everything could be that simple! 😉
Josée Blanchet, HR Advisor
Les Sommets
Before Voilà! I had nearly 80 post-its reminding me of every employee’s time constraints. Now, it’s almost a full workday I save on scheduling alone every week.
Geneviève Watters, Manager
MAclinique Lebourgneuf
Voilà! makes my life so much easier. It only takes one click for employees to find their replacement. No need to contact people one by one, it’s great!
Amélie Beaumont
Yoga Fitness

Empower your team to do their best work and watch productivity grow.

From smart scheduling to increased employee mobility, Voilà! gives your team the tools they need to create optimal schedules that meet your company’s needs and requirements.

All the tools you need
for your team to succeed

Employee-centric scheduling

Empower your workforce. Let employees take the wheel.

  1. Automated invitations and shift bidding.

  2. Flexible shift recurrence and rotations.

  3. Two-way instant messaging, billboard and file sharing.

  4. Shift swapping and replacement management.

Smart Scheduling

Set your assignment workflows and scheduling process on autopilot.

  1. Employee availability management.

  2. Employee File management.

  3. Document sharing.

  4. Leave requests management and approval process.

Employee mobility

Keep your workforce engaged. Maximize resources across departments and leave no empty shift behind.

  1. Fully customizable assignment workflows.

  2. Team, position or location level invitation fallbacks.

  3. Team based professional messaging.

  4. Flexible and fully adaptable company structure.

See what Voilà! can do for you

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Operations Managers

Create schedules ahead of time and tweak them as you go to always remain on point.



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HR Managers

Save time on everyone’s side by streamlining your schedules around your business preferences.

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Business Owners

Keep track of all your business costs to ensure your talented workforce is built for profitability.



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Schedule Managers

Spend less time picking up extra shifts from no shows and more time growing your business.

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Other ways Voilà! simplifies your workday

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35% Less Absenteeism

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