Workforce Management:

The powerhouse of Voilà!
where centralized and secured information come together.

Our workforce management system makes information sharing a 2-way street. Whether you want to centralize it or keep it on lock down, is up to you.


 Access the information you need to manage your employees at any time!

Employee Profiles

Everything you need to know, when you need it.

 With employee profiles, managers can document an employee’s performance by adding notes and attachments. The filed information can be used to prioritize employee shifts by their competence, seniority or employment status.


Create schedules based on your employees’ availability.

Are your employees’ availabilities constantly changing? 

No worries, Voilà! allows you to update them in real time and  quickly confirm whether their assigned shifts fit their schedule. 

In the event that their availability changes, employees can request a replacement directly on their smartphones, thus avoiding unexpected no-shows.


Manage employees’ vacations and reassign their shifts in one click.

When an employee leaves for vacation, Voilà! identifies the best substitutes for each shift affected. 

You can also reassign all the shifts efficiently in a few clicks. 

With built- in algorithms, your schedule’s metrics will automatically update as well.



Touch base with your employees directly on Voilà!

Thanks to a centralized platform,  you won’t have to worry about lost conversation threads .

You can easily exchange messages with specific employees, positions or teams and shift through past conversation threads!


Start connecting with your employees in real time!