Voilà! vs Factorial

Voilà! is a turnkey workforce management solution that helps managers save time and increase profits by automating schedule, time and attendance and leave management.

Find out why thousands of companies prefer Voilà! over Factorial

Schedule Management
Instant Messaging
Customizable tolerance and rounding rules
Billboard & survey
Replacement Management
Employee expense management
Personalize visible information between employees
Salaries by position
Real-time budgeting & forecasting
Mobile & Web Punch

Feature information has been compiled based on publicly available information as of July 2022.
Schedule Management

Build your schedule months in advance in a few clicks. Keep them organized so every change remains simple to make.

  1. Plan months ahead of time with custom recurring cycles that meet your labor needs.

  2. Simplify shift assignments by creating and applying scheduling templates.

  3. Delete, edit or copy a set of unrelated shifts with a single click.

  4. Establish budgets for a specific combination of shifts, positions and locations.

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Create your business rules and let Voilà! find the perfect replacement

Decide which employees are eligible to work in different roles & create your invitation orders.

  1. Create custom business rules

  2. Automatically send different waves of invitations based on your chosen priority order.

  3. Activate a replacement request by approving employee absences.

  4. Stay informed by receiving smart alerts to approve changes.


Accurately manage your employees’ overtime

  1. Reward and pay your employees what they deserve.

  2. Ensure that your calculated overtime respects your budget and automate each scenario that requires a premium for your employees.

  3. Automate overtime management according to your business rules.

  4. Keep control of your labour costs by including overtime and bonus information in your reports.

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