Voilà! vs Agendrix

Voilà! is a turnkey workforce management solution that helps managers save time and increase profits by automating schedule, time and attendance and leave management.

Find out why thousands of companies prefer Voilà! over Homebase

Customizable Scheduling Workflows
Available in 3 languages
Customizable tolerance and rounding rules
Billboards & surveys
Replacement Rules
Employee expense management
Personalize visible information between employees
Premiums & Overtime
Salaries by position
Real-time budgeting & forecasting
Mobile & Web Punch

Feature information has been compiled based on publicly available information as of July 2022.

Turnkey implementation

  1. Whether you have 10 or 1,000 employees, one of our Customer Success Specialists will make sure your account is here! respects all your constraints and business rules in addition to importing all of your employees’ available information into your account.

Company structure

Flexible and centralized company structure

  1. From time entry approval rules to customizable workflows, the possibilities are endless! No matter your business rules, you can easily tailor them to fit your company’s needs on your Voilà! settings.


Voilà! is available in 3 languages

  1. Voilà! offers users the opportunity to set their preferred language in either English, French or Spanish. Translating options allow employees the flexibility to effectively communicate their message without any language barriers. 

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