Ensure Timesheet Accuracy and Make Payroll Processing Feel Like Child’s Play

Track employees time and let Voilà! normalize entries according to your custom set of rules to make payroll processing a seamless process

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Let time be on everyone’s side

From forgetting to clock in to unifying timesheets inconsistencies for payroll, Voilà’s time & attendance features keeps errors at bay.

Smart Timesheets

Streamline timesheets for your mobile workforce

Keep track of employee attendance, reduce payrolls errors and ensure company policies are met with smarter time tracking.

  1. Set up different timesheet normalization rules to save you from making manual adjustments.

  2. Let Voilà! clock in automatically at the end of a shift and avoid multiple punch for consecutive shifts.

  3. Configure your overtime and premiums rules to apply directly to your timesheets.

  4. Easily approve hours worked and allow your employees to add their expenses directly to their timesheets.

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Other ways Voilà! simplifies your timesheet management