Time and Attendance :

Voilà! makes sure your punch fits your schedules to minimize errors in payroll processing

Minimize time theft while making sure your payroll is 100% accurate


Voilà! notifies managers as soon as an employee forgets to punch, and also finds a replacement if necessary!

Add expenses
and bonuses

Add expenses, bonuses, commissions and mileage directly in your timesheet and make sure all employees are paid what they are due.

Validate timesheets in no-time

Voilà! automatically identifies discrepancies between punches and timesheets so you know where to focus your attention when approving timesheets.

Avoid mistakes in payroll processing

Voilà! can integrate with your payroll system to make sure the timesheets you approve are the ones you pay for.

Buddy punching control with employees’ pictures

Get employees to punch from any computer or tablet and verify their identity with a photo

No need for costly hardware. Select the computer(s) on which your employees should punch and log in to Voilà! If required, we’ll take a picture of everyone punching in or out to validate employees’ identity.

Simple timesheet management

Navigate your timesheets according to your approval structure

Timesheets can be broken down by team, position or location. You can further drill down to a single employee or approve them in bulk. Plus, you always get red flags on where we believe your attention should focus.

Smart highlights and red flags

Voilà! highlights all timesheet elements that might require your attention

A punch is missing? Or it doesn’t fit an employee’s original shift? Whatever the matter, Voilà! will flag it for you so that you do not lose sight of discrepancies on your timesheets.

Payroll integration

Avoid double entries. Push timesheets towards payroll.

Whatever the payroll system you use, just export your timesheets in their required format, or use one of our connectors to make sure the data you approved is the one payroll is based on.

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