Success Stories

How Voilà! Saved Animalerie Dyno up to 10 Hours on Payroll a Week

Discover how Voilà! helped HR manager Nadine Côté and her team at Animalerie Dyno save up to 10 hours of payroll work a week.

How Voilà! Helped Yoga Fitness Manage an Evolving Schedule of Over 150 Weekly Classes

Discover how Amélie and her team managed to save up to 20 hours a week on payroll management thanks to Voilà!

How Polymos Saved 50% Of Their Time on Replacement Management Using Voilà!

Discover how Voilà! helped HR Assistant Sara Macleod, of Polymos (a manufacturing client) cut their replacement management time in half.

How Voila! Helped Angus Medical Clinic Simplify Doctors and Nurses Scheduling

Discover how Voilà! simplified scheduling between doctors and nurses at the Angus Medical Clinic.