Smart Scheduling That Empowers Your Entire Team While Saving You Time

Create schedules that respect both company policies and employees’ constraints in minutes.

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Make flexibility your best policy

From automated invitations to shift swapping, learn how Voilà’s smart scheduling offers your workforce the maximum flexibility they need to succeed.

Automated Invitations

Find your ideal fit for every open shift

By setting your business rules in place based on custom variables (like seniority and employee score) for your open shift, Voilà! finds the best employee that fits your scheduling needs.

“Since discovering Voilà!, I don’t have to worry about my hours anymore. It’s really great and convenient.”
Rabby Dia
CEO of Depannoresto

Schedule Management

Build your schedule months in advance in a few clicks. Keep them organized so every change remains simple to make.

  1. Create custom recurrence cycles.

  2. Mix open shifts and assignments.

  3. Flexibility and assignment and replacements.

  4. Rotations adapted to each production line or department.

Other Ways Smart Scheduling Can Help You