Smart Scheduling:

Optimize your business goals by automating your employee scheduling.

With built-in algorithms that tracks shift profitability, measures employee performance and automates scheduling, Voilà fills in the missing blanks so you won’t have to. 

End the Scheduling Puzzle

Say goodbye to daily schedule readjustments!
Based on your customized employee criteria (seniority, competence, performance) our algorithm ensures the ideal employee match for each shift with zero effort.

Engage Your Employees

Your employees have activities outside their day jobs. With Voilà!, they can choose their optimal shifts while respecting your company needs.
Optimal shift = optimal performance!

Respect Your Commitments

Share your company policies or collective agreements with employees. For each new task, Voilà makes sure that they are respected.A manager who chooses to ignore them will always be notified before moving forward.

Reduce Absenteeism

Voilà! ensures that your employees have access to their schedule in real time. If a new shift is up for grabs or a schedule is changed, users will receive an instant notification. Reduced risk of absenteeism? Yes please!


Create schedules that ensures the profitability of your business.

In addition to finding the best employee for each  task, Voilà! tracks the cost of your schedule and the profitability of your business. 

That way, you’ll always know  if your schedule is financially profitable for an employee, team or branch.

Rotation and Recurrence

Make your schedule once. Months in advance.

Avoid the hassle of rebuilding your schedules every week!

 Create recurring shifts for several months in advance or copy schedules from one period to another. 

That way, you will only have to review assigned employees and manage the replacements in an occasional manner.

Open Shifts

Let employees apply for the shifts they're interested in.

With optimal scheduling comes optimal performance.

By offering  open shifts to your employees, you’re inviting respect and motivation into the workplace. Reap the benefits of working hand in hand to build an ideal schedule that meets both you and your employee needs. 

Little effort for a boost in productivity? Yes please!

Complex business rules made simple.

Define your schedule management process and approve it.

Beyond letting you choose the order in which employees are invited to take shifts, Voilà! allows you to create different scheduling processes. 

This includes the time schedules are published, when employee can select their shifts and so on.

Upgrade to the smartest scheduling solution today!