Smart Scheduling That Empowers Your Entire Team While Saving You Time

Create schedules that respect both company policies and employees’ constraints in minutes.

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Make flexibility your best policy

From automated invitations to shift swapping, learn how Voilà’s smart scheduling offers your workforce the maximum flexibility they need to succeed.

Schedule Management

Build your schedule months in advance in a few clicks. Keep them organized so every change remains simple to make.

  1. Plan months ahead of time with custom recurring cycles that meet your labor needs.

  2. Simplify shift assignments by creating and applying scheduling templates.

  3. Delete, edit or copy a set of unrelated shifts with a single click.

  4. Establish budgets for a specific combination of shifts, positions and locations.

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Find your ideal fit for every open shift

By setting your business rules in place based on custom variables for your open shift, Voilà! finds the best employee that fits your scheduling needs.

“Since using Voilà!, we no longer have to manage leave requests. Schedule management is less of a headache. By standardizing our practices and managing our resources more efficiently, Voilà! allows us to increase our productivity. Making us more profitable in the long run!”
– Richard Robitalle
Le groupe D resto

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Other Ways Smart Scheduling Can Help You