Optimal care begins with an optimized workforce

Keep availabilities accurate at all times by empowering your staff to create their own schedules and easily switch personnel around your residence to ensure optimal care at all times.

Some of the successful companies who use Voilà!

I made my delivery schedule, left all shifts open, and employees applied for the shifts they wanted. Everything is done automatically and I did not have to contact all the employees one by one or to make heartbreaking choices. Thank you!
Meredith B., Manager
Bâton Rouge Ste-Foy
It took 2 weeks of implementation and testing but we are thrilled as we are now saving between 2 hours and 5 hours of work everyday!
Benjamin Mercier, Administration Technician
CIUSSS de l’Ouest-de-l’île-de-Montréal
Since discovering Voilà!, I don’t have to worry about my schedules anymore. It’s really great and convenient.
Rabby Dia, CEO
It’s very “user friendly”, plus we pay for what we use!
Lindsay Lesage, Operations Coordinator
Groupe Gestion Medicale Urgence
Voilà! is a very easy and efficient app. You can schedule people directly through it and view employees’ availability in real-time which is an amazing time-saver since you’re always in the know!
Sara Macleod
HR Assistant, Polymos
It’s easy to integrate, it simplifies the scheduling process and above all, makes scheduling kind of fun!
Marie-Lou Dupuis
Director of Angus Medical Clinic
When it comes to hiring a new employee. Voilà! makes it quick and easy to add them to the schedule and onto the app. Real-time adjustments are also very useful and easy to do.
Nadine Côté
Animalerie Dyno
The Voilà! app allows me to save so much time in preparing my schedules!
Floor Manager
Le Diamant
Teams using the app seem in control! Honestly, I didn’t know the app at all when I took over scheduling and it couldn’t have been easier, it’s going very well. If everything could be that simple! 😉
Josée Blanchet, HR Advisor
Les Sommets

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