Schedule Management:

Finally, an efficient and intuitive scheduling software that does the heavy lifting for you!

Reduce labor costs, absenteeism and schedule management with Voilà!

Less time wasted creating schedules

Based on your workforce criteria, Voilà! finds the right fit available for the requested shift. We make sure the assigned employee works on the first try!

Say goodbye to calling lists

Need a replacement? Voilà! takes control of your recall lists and immediately starts looking for the best available employee (while you sleep!)

Reduce absenteeism

With schedules available in real time and sent via email/text notifications, your employees no longer have a reason to miss a shift!

Manage your schedules from anywhere

Bring your A-game outside the workplace! Our mobile application allows you to manage your schedules remotely, without having to be in front of your computer.

Schedule building in just a few clicks

Copy shifts and set your schedule months in advance!

Say goodbye to updating recurring schedules every week!

Rotation cycles and recurring shifts can be set in stone.

Through its copy/paste feature, Voilà! gives you the freedom to create  schedule templates months in advance.

All you need to do is change the assigned employees. 

Automated Assignment

Let Voilà! find and contact your available employees.

Why waste time contacting your employees one by one to fill your schedules? 

Create open shifts, invite your employees in the order of priority that you want (by seniority, skills or other criteria), and let them decide which shifts interest them.

Automated Replacements

Voilà! takes care of finding the best available substitute, 24/7.

Your employees can request a replacement directly in Voilà! at any time. 

The app immediately searches and contacts the ideal replacements in your  desired priority.

All you have to do is approve the replacement!


100% Mobile

Build and manage your schedules from anywhere!

As a manager, you don’t always have time to run back to the office to handle emergencies. 

With Voilà!, you can manage and view all your schedules on your phone.

The app also gives employees  access to their schedules and messages at all times.

Bonus points: They can easily request shift swaps and replacements . 

All they need is your approval!


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