Voilà optimizes the workforce of

Your Senior's Residences

By facilitating the assignment of your shifts and optimizing the composition of your teams, Voilà eases your managers' work so they can focus on the well-being of your residents.

  • Breakdown of shifts by seniority, skill and ensuring fair hours between staff
  • Labour costs and efficiency reports by department
  • Support and automate the search for replacements according to your business rules

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Smart invitation system

Set the priority according to which your employees can select their shifts. Optimize your schedules by seniority, skills or to balance the number of hours between everyone.

Creating on-call shifts

Create on-call shifts to keep some employees ready to meet your additional manpower needs in the course of an unexpected event.

Timesheets and cost reports

Get tailored cost reports of your workforce based on pay variations from overtime, jobs filled or the establishment's location.

Voilà's impact in numbers

500 %

Average return on investment

+ 5000

Work shifts created monthly

30 %

Reduced absenteeism

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