Become more profitable by keeping better control of your labour costs

Reduce labour costs and create schedules towards profitability for your business.

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Stay in full control of your business performance

With real time data and analytics at your fingertips, Voilà! keeps track of all your business costs and ensures profitable schedules across your workforce.

Workforce management

Take a load off your shoulders by letting Voilà track, verify and adjust your timesheets for you.

Keep track of employee attendance, reduce payrolls errors and ensure that your work teams are motivated and efficient.

  1. Build profitable schedules by having a real-time look of your labor costs.

  2. Reduce absenteeism and increase productivity by taking your employees’ constraints into account.

  3. Display attendance in real-time so you can react quickly in case of unjustified absence or lateness.

  4. Create smart invitation processes to minimize overtime for better cost control.

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