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Voilà's Impact in Numbers

Manage your Employees on the go with Voilà!'s Smart Work Schedule App!

Covering the scheduling needs of a large territory with different operations realities can be tedious. Voilà! let’s you manage the schedules of each of your teams from a single integrated interface.

As a mobile-friendly app, managers can stay on track with employee schedules and make changes on the go!   With schedules on hand, employees can request a replacement in a single click!

Voilà! supports last-minute replacements by contacting available employees. The algorithm adjusts to the delay available to maximize the chances of filling every vacant shift.

Manage each of your locations independently from a central Voilà! account and allow your staff to fill shifts across different park sectors when needed.

Voilà! makes my life so much easier. It only takes one click for employees to find their replacement. No need to contact people one by one, it's great!

Audrey B.

Fitness center Manager

+ 25,000

Open shifts filled monthly

Reduced absenteeism

30 % +

Average Return on Investment

500 %

Mother nature can be unpredictable, but schedule management doesn’t have to be. With customizable features like alternative scheduling, our workforce management system makes sure every sector of your ski resort has the optimal staff on hand.

Some key benefits of our employee scheduling app include

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Manage your Employees on the go with Voilà!'s Smart Work Schedule App!