Voilà reinvents employee scheduling

Managing schedules while growing a business is challenging. Voilà lets your employees create their own schedules so that you have more time for business.

Stop wasting time

Voilà only offers employees shifts that meet their skills and availability. They can build a schedule that suits them and meets your needs. No more back and forth over the phone!

Be done with chasing replacements

Last-minute replacements and reassignments of employees’ shifts throughout their vacation are done automatically. Sleep well! When you wake up, everything will be on track.

Minimal absenteeism rate

With email, SMS, and push notification replacement alerts, plus a schedule available in real-time, there’s no good reason for an employee not to show up!

Increased performance and productivity

Voilà makes sure you have the best staff available at all times, even in case of last-minute replacements!

Schedule management that does not require any ... management!

Voilà simplifies schedule management thanks to various functionalities:

  • Creation of shifts by the manager or employees
  • Intuitive calendar interface with views per day, week or employee
  • Ability to manually assign your regular employees and create recurring shifts
  • Alert when a shift is left vacant

Automated chase for replacements

No need to stress with last-minute replacement requests. Voilà finds the most qualified employee and validates his availability for you.

  • Alerts via SMS, email or push notification
  • Support for employees who do not have a smartphone
  • Prioritization of employees by seniority and/or competence

Creating your schedules is a real hassle? Let your employees do it!

Involving your employees in schedule management using Voilà means:

  • Making sure to respect their availability
  • Keeping track of replacements and exchanges requested by each employee, as well as people contacted
  • Ensuring that the minimum and maximum required working hours are respected
  • Requiring manager approvals tailored to your needs

The data you need right at your fingertips.

Our dashboard lets you understand your company’s schedule at a glance. You will find:

  • Approvals required from you (for shifts and replacements)
  • The number of shifts to be filled
  • Replacement and absenteeism rates
  • Your employees’ work statistics

A structure adapted to your company

Voilà adapts to the structure of all types of businesses by allowing you to create multiple work teams and management levels.

  • Ability to create work teams each with its respective locations, business rules, positions and schedules
  • Administration of all your teams from the same account
  • Independent access level for the owners, administrators and team managers of your company
  • Ability to turn off unwanted functionalities including replacement request and shift trading