Save tons of time… and money

We’re the all-in-one workforce management system to end never-ending timesheets and schedules issues.


Start saving time and increasing profits

by automating time and attendance management.

A Simple Solution To Manage Your Complex Workforce

A turnkey workforce management solution:

• Scheduling – Create schedules that meet all your requirements in a few clicks.

• Clocking In – Standardize and pre-approve timesheets according to your company rules.

• Timesheets – Schedules, clockings, expenses and time off ready for payroll approval!

• Premiums & Overtime – Keep an eye on your budgets all while incentivizing your workforce.

• Availabilities – Get an accurate picture of your workforce in a single place for any shift.

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Nothing to hide here

Our pricing is straightforward – Less than a cup of coffee per month!

Workforce Management On Autopilot

Save time and increase profits by automating time and attendance management:

• Auto Assignments – We’ll find the best employee for each shift based on your most specific criteria.

• Replacements Management – We take care of your callback lists to fill-in all the shifts you need!

• Leave Management – Centralize leave requests for automatic approval and adjusted schedules.

• Expense management – Export expenses, commissions and tips to payroll with a single click.

• Real-time data & alerts – Be in the know of absences and other emergencies in real time.

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Ready to put an end to your scheduling headaches?

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