Stop scheduling and enjoy the ride

Keep an overview of the traffic in your park and adjust your staffing accordingly.

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Take a load off your shoulders by letting Voilà track, verify and adjust your timesheets for you.

Keep track of employee attendance, reduce payrolls errors and ensure that your work teams are motivated and efficient.

  1. Reduce absenteeism and increase productivity by taking your employees’ constraints into account.

  2. Display attendance in real-time so you can react quickly in case of unjustified absence or lateness.

  3. Create smart invitation processes to minimize overtime for better cost control.

Employee shift visual
The Voilà! app allows me to save so much time in preparing my schedules!
Floor Manager
Le Diamant
Teams using the app seem in control! Honestly, I didn’t know the app at all when I took over scheduling and it couldn’t have been easier, it’s going very well. If everything could be that simple! 😉
Josée Blanchet, HR Advisor
Les Sommets

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