Collaboration Tools:

Powerful Alone.
Better Together.

Optimize collaboration between managers and employees with Voilà!


Create schedules WITH your employees.

Voilà! tailors your workforce requirements to recommend the best employees available for each shift.

By letting employees choose their shifts, you’re building schedules around productivity, not convenience.

Not to mention, reducing absenteeism by 35%.


Workforce Mobility

Share your resources across different branches and work teams.

Centralize the management of employees from different branches and teams in Voilà!

If your workforce is incomplete,  you can draw on the resources available from other teams, divisions and sister companies for shift placements.

With an optimized schedule in hand, enjoy the benefits of time being on your side!


Document Sharing

Make sure your employees have all the information they need at all times.

Whether it’s storing files  or attaching a message to a specific shift, Voilà offers access to document sharing so employees have the right information they need to succeed.

The best part?

Flexible sharing: Employees have access to the information you choose to share with them.


Instant Messaging

Touch base with your employees directly on Voilà!

Say goodbye to unresponsive emails!

Stay in the loop with your employees with instant messaging on Voilà!

With individual or group messaging between teams/divisions , you can keep the conversations flowing on one centralized platform. 

Start connecting with your employees in real time!