Voilà! Update: A Kind of Magic Version (5.0)

We want to add a little magic to your day with our latest version: A Kind of Magic.

With Smart Assign, you can finally say goodbye to the hours spent dragging open shifts to your employees’ schedules and waiting after your recall lists.

And say hello to automatically assigning open shifts all at once with the click of a magic wand.

Best part?  You can easily continue where you left off using auto-assignment to balance shifts across your workforce.

Less repetition, more optimization.

Here are all the fun ways you can save time using Smart Assign:

After creating your open shifts, click on the magic wand to assign all the shifts according to your business needs.

Mass edit shifts with fast actions like deleting, editing or reverting them back to open shifts.

Choose the assignment order based on your business needs. This includes: rotation, performance, seniority or using a custom order (you’ll have a field day with this one!)

Make the most of employees’ availabilities by assigning maximum shifts per day, per week, or weekend.

Watch the video above to see it in action!