Webinar: Tips and Tricks to Become a Voilà! Pro (FR ONLY)


If you’re an HR manager, chances are you haven’t had the time or opportunity to discover all the ins and outs of using Voilà! You may be using the app exclusively for creating schedules or managing replacements.

Yet, there are a ton of new features that can help save you time, money and most importantly: scheduling headaches.

In the latest webinar, our COO Max and customer success manager Marco walk you through their latest tips and tricks to help you become a Voilà! pro.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  1. How to create open shifts (and learn about the recent updates in scheduling view)
  1. How to select multiple shifts ( and leverage them to take multiple actions like deleting and reassigning shifts)
  1. How to make better use of different scheduling views (view all the necessary information at once to track your workforce needs)
  1. How to add a statutory holiday to your schedules
  1. How to add premiums and overtime management (learn the different types of premiums available and settings you can apply to OT)

and so much more!

Take the first step to becoming a Voilà! pro by watching the video above 🙂 

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