Overhaul of Availability Management Feature

For this Feature Friday, Max talks about the complete overhaul of the availability management feature.

Since the beginning, Voilà! has always sought to put the employee at the heart of schedule management.

Obtaining employee availability ensures that your schedules respect both your needs and the constraints of your employees. This ensures that you keep your employees engaged and motivated on every shift.

What have we added?

Availability Approval by a Manager

By enabling availability approval, you allow your employees to submit their availability changes while ensuring that the change is approved by a manager before it becomes effective.

This ensures that the manager is aware of the changes and that the availabilities provided correspond to the agreement you have with your employee.

Availabilities by Date Range

An employee can now submit specific availabilities by date range. They can modify their availabilities only for the holiday season, or submit their availabilities several months in advance for the next season. All this without affecting their current availability.

The employee can also now mention the minimum and maximum hours they wish to be assigned. This information ( provided as an indication) is in addition to the maximum number of hours you can indicate on your employee profile, which represents your company’s policy. This allows you to create schedules that meet your mutual needs.

Favourite Time Slots

By submitting their availability, the employee can indicate their favourite time slots. This allows you to find out what each employee’s favourite times are and create schedules that they will enjoy even more.

Displaying Availabilities

The display of availabilities in the schedule view now allows you to know the details of these availabilities. By hovering over the availability indicator of an employee, you will be able to see the details of these availabilities or unavailabilities.

Deadline Date

Finally, it is possible to set a date after which your employees can no longer change their availability. This allows you to collect all the availabilities before starting to create the schedules for the next season, without them being modified afterwards.

This function also allows you to completely block availability changes by your employees.

These functions should allow you to ensure a better communication with your employees regarding their availabilities. You will be able to create schedules that suit everyone and keep your employees engaged week after week.

For more information on this feature, or on all Voilà! features, please contact us at support@voila.app.