New Statutory holiday feature


Hi everyone,

We’re taking advantage of this Feature Friday to make an early announcement about a new feature on Voilà! that is coming right in time for the holiday season!

Which is today’s topic: Statutory holidays

You can now create holidays and apply various compensation rules to different types of employees to ensure they’re on vacation for the given day (s).

This feature gives you the possibility to select a specific date or date range and apply them directly to a large group of employees.

For example, a group of employees can be selected by job status, shift, position or location to create different rules for various sub-groups of employees. Then, you can choose the type of compensation to select for each employee group.

You can either pay a fixed amount or create a customizable rule that will take into account the date of the holiday and not the date the vacation was created. These options give you the flexibility you need to ensure your employees are properly compensated.

Once the mass vacation dates are created, you can cancel all shifts affected by this new vacation and also make these employees unavailable. That way, they won’t be invited for the remaining unfilled shifts or receive a replacement request.

To make life easier for our managers, we also took the opportunity to add a few small bonuses! In the calendar view, you can now see all employees on leave for each workday. We also wanted to make your user experience more festive for the holidays by adding customizable icons for each type of leave. This addition replaces the umbrella icon that was set by default and allows you to quickly view types of leave requests.

We hope you enjoy this little Christmas gift in advance. If you need help with any of our new features or have any other questions about the application, we invite you to contact us at

Have a great weekend,

The Voilà! team