New Integration with Deluxe Payroll

We’re happy to announce our latest integration with Deluxe Payroll, one of Canada’s longest-serving and most popular payroll solutions. Deluxe helps companies of up to 1,000 employees simplify and reduce time spent processing payroll. 

With our Deluxe integration, you can pre-process payroll onto Voilà! and won’t have to worry about manually re-entering data into Deluxe. All of your timesheet data will be transferred seamlessly as soon as your timesheets are approved and locked.

Whether you’re in the hospitality, retail, healthcare or manufacturing industry, Deluxe has many options available that easily streamlines your payroll for you.

From accommodating employees who work at different rates during a pay period to processing payroll from any location, Deluxe takes care of it so you won’t have to!

Some Additional Benefits :

  • Reduce time spend processing payroll
  • Ensures the right amount of hours are paid and saves time processing payroll
  • Reduces overall costs
  • Increases overall efficiency by ensuring error-free timesheets and payroll

To learn more about how Voilà! and Deluxe can seamlessly sync your timesheets and payroll, contact us today for a free demo!