New Feature: Schedule & Shift Template

We’re excited to announce the latest 5.1 release of Schedule and Shift Template. 

A new feature that allows you to:

A) Save all your shift criteria as a schedule template for future shifts. 

B) Create a template from grouping a set of shifts for a typical event or work period. Saving you time (and headaches!) on having to build new schedules from the get-go. You can save the template for future use or quickly apply one of your templates at your next event.

Best part? You can quickly access all your templates via the toolbar. 

To keep the momentum going, here are some key updates we’ve made in this 5.1 release:

Capacity: Allows you to never exceed maximum shift capacity by indicating the number of employees already scheduled at a location or sub-location. That way you’ll always be in the know if you’ve reached maximum capacity or can assign a few more shifts at a specific location.

Budget alert: No more funny business! When creating a new shift, you’ll now receive a visual alert to confirm budget details to ensure you stay on budget at all times!

New feature report: Sub-locations are now included in various shift reports that you can easily export.

Sub-location filter: A sub-location filter is now available for the hourly, timesheet, and employee views. Sub-locations are now included in various shift reports as well.