Latest Update: Voilà! is now available in Spanish

We’re happy to announce that Voilà! is now available in Spanish 🇪🇸  across all platforms.

They say good things come in three, and we couldn’t agree more!

You can now configure your company (including custom team positions and leave labels) in three languages: English, French and Spanish.

To add to the momentum, here are some other key updates we’ve made in this 5.2 release ⤵️

▶️ The “Recurring Shifts Ending Soon” dashboard now allows you to extend all shifts in the list with a single click.

▶️ The CSV employees import can include custom fields. Those are automatically added to the employees’ profiles as well as their reports. They can also be used for payroll export mappings.

▶️ Shift reports can be customized to choose and rearrange the data as needed.