How to Personalize Time-Off Categories

Hi everyone, I’m Alex from Voilà!

Welcome to another Feature Friday.

 Today I’ll be walking you through “How to personalize time-off categories’’ in order to properly manage your timesheets.

 1. From the bottom left page, click on “Settings
2. Then in the payroll section, click the “Payroll and Time Off” tab
3. From there, simply select the sub-tab “Time Off categories’’
4. And that’s it!

From there, you’ll have the means to add new or modify existing time off categories and personalize them to your liking.  

You’ll be able to choose the name, icon, and the unit for which it will be measured (such as the number of hours/days banked or money ).

Once that’s done, all there’s left is to decide is if you wish to enforce a minimum delay before the leave request. 

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