How to Successfully Navigate These 5 Common COVID-19 Scenarios in Your Workforce


The Coronavirus resulted in a pandemic that shook the globe and caused nations to respond with compulsory quarantine and social distancing. 

Although these preventive measures aimed to halt the spread of the virus, it resulted in the loss of over 10 million jobs worldwide and the closing of multiple businesses.

From retail to restaurants, industries of all sectors are being forced to adapt and restructure.

Despite all the “pivoting” taking place, certain COVID-19 scenarios can easily arise and disrupt your business’s workflow.

In order to lessen the chaos and take control  (to some degree) of the unexpected, here are 5 common COVID-19 scenarios and ways to successfully navigate each one.

Let’s begin!

1. Properly Communicating Instructions To Employees

Effective communication is the bread and butter of a successful business because it makes employees complete their tasks efficiently and stay up to date on current affairs.

By staying current and informing your workforce on new jobs, events and meetings provide a boost to your company’s productivity.

However, several factors can hinder effective communication in a company. 

The most common hindrance associated with COVID-19 is poor listening due to fear or apathy.

The fear of contracting COVID-19 can cause employees in a brick and mortar workplace to focus primarily on keeping themselves safe and avoiding contamination. In other words: limiting interactions with one another. 

This action inevitably hinders communication and encourages employees to operate in isolation.

Fortunately, you can navigate this scenario using a workplace communication platform like Voilà!, which helps to keep your entire workforce connected.

In other words,  you can update your employees on upcoming events directly in your scheduling and workforce management app, without needing them to be physically present

2. Reporting “Rule Breakers”

When your business re-opens during the pandemic, there’s a possibility one of your employees or customers might contract the virus along the way (such as through public transit or interacting with others).

Which is why it’s crucial to implement safety rules. These regulations could include:

  • Always wear a face mask and hand gloves.
  • Carry a hand sanitizer
  • Cover your mouth when you sneeze or cough

While these rules are in place, there should be an efficient avenue for employees to report individuals that break any of the instructions or notice symptomatic customers in a confidential, yet effective way. 

The best way of navigating this COVID-19 scenario is with an instant messaging platform that helps employees privately alert their manager about a rule-breaking scenario. From there, they can receive further instructions on how to handle the situation.

This optimized mode of communication between managers and employees sets the stage for direct and real-time communication to take place.

3. Managing And Receiving Employee Feedback

Collecting feedback from your employees is crucial to your business’s success because it provides insight into the positive and negative aspects of your workforce. 

Ultimately there are two primary methods to collect and manage employee feedback which include:

  • Suggestion Box

Despite today’s digital advancements, the comment/suggestion box still holds a unique place in every organization because it allows employees to leave anonymous messages without fear of any adverse effects.

We recommend placing the suggestion box in a location where the employees can naturally input their thoughts. An ideal site could be the bathroom or the front desk.

  • Communication Platforms

Another way to connect with your workforce and perform an employee survey is via a communication platform like Voilà!, which lets you send a message to your staff and receive feedback from each of them.

4. Addressing Employees Personal Fears & Concerns

Although businesses are gradually resuming operations, the Coronavirus still exists – infected people continuously walk the streets. The mere thought of accidentally contracting the disease from a customer or staff member might be enough to instill fear in your employees and avoid working.

Nevertheless, you can soothe your employees’ nerves by enforcing safety measures like requiring customers to practice social distancing, applying hand sanitizer, wearing face masks, etc.

However, if an employee expresses discomfort about returning to work during the pandemic, and desires to remain in the safety of their home, they can inform you through Voilà’s Leave management solution. 

This solution lets staff members submit a vacation request via their smartphone and get direct approval from their manager without any paperwork.

It’s a hassle-free method that requires nothing but a few clicks on their smartphone for employees and managers to put their minds at ease.

5. Monitoring And Communicating With Employees Who Are Quarantined

As you gradually reassemble your workforce to adapt to the pandemic’s chaos, you must communicate all the necessary information that your staff needs to operate efficiently and monitor their health status before letting them step into the building.

Fortunately, you can communicate with your staff and assess their health through Voilà’s health check questionnaire, and its instant messaging feature.

Health Check Questionnaire

Voilà’s health check questionnaire aims to help managers secure their staff and customers’ health and ensure that employees arrive to work coronavirus-free.

This feat is possible by asking the employee multiple crucial questions via a questionnaire to determine whether the staff is exhibiting symptoms similar to Covid-19 or is at risk of contaminating the workforce.

Although the health check questionnaire isn’t as accurate as a lab test, it is based on the highly reliable information available regarding the Coronavirus.

Instant Messaging Feature

Voilà’s instant messaging feature, or workplace communication, enables you to reach all staff members without having to text them individually.

Therefore, you can convey relevant information to a particular team/person or the entire workforce, reminding them to take the health check questionnaire or begin their day with something motivational. It’s like starting a Messenger conversation, but tailored to your workplace’s structure.


Ultimately, these five scenarios are common amongst companies that stayed operational during the pandemic and are most likely to arise when reopening your business.

Fortunately, you can address them individually with Voilà!, a complete workforce and scheduling app that features all the tools managers need to build a functional and successful team.

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