How Does the Approval of Replacement Requests Work?

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A question came in asking :

How does the approval of replacement requests work?

As I’m sure we’ve all experienced at some point, especially in today’s world with the Covid-19 Omicron variant causing waves in the workforce. Sometimes an inconvenience can happen and an employee may need someone to take a shift off their hands.

If your company allows replacements but requires managers to approve them, you will need to approve the replacements for Voilà! to start searching for that next employee to cover the shift.

We actually have 2 ways you can go about doing this: The first way is from your Voilà! dashboard you can click on “requested replacements to approve”, then click on the replacements you wish to approve and then click approve.

The alternate way would be to go to the schedule tab, find the shift for which a replacement was requested (it should have a yellow hand beside it), open the shift details, and then click on approve and voila!

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