How Do You Prepare For a Statutory Holiday?

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Hi, I’m Alex from Voilà! the employee scheduling and workforce optimization app.

Welcome to another Feature Friday.

 Today I’ll be answering our latest question:

How to prepare for a statutory holiday?

With the long weekend that just passed, we need to make sure that the next holiday is created in Voila! with the proper parameters set in place.

On the scheduling tab, you will need to click the umbrella icon to add a
statutory holiday.

Then you will set the conditions for that by choosing the type of leave, which in our case would be a holiday.

Afterwards, you will decide the indemnity by choosing the calculation type.

This is either done by a fixed number of hours or based on the hours worked in the previous day/week.

The most commonly used would be the 1-20 rule which is pro-rated with a specific reference period.

Then you will decide to include paid time off and/or overtime.

Lastly, if it is a holiday that nobody is working, you can set to cancel the shifts of that particular day and make them unavailable for new open shifts. And you’re done!

Your holiday has been created and now the calculations will reflect on your timesheets.