How Can I Set a Deadline for Employees to Submit Their Availabilities?

Hi, I’m Nicole with Voilà!, the employee scheduling and workforce optimization app.

Although many managers are thrilled to know that with Voilà! you don’t need to keep track of employees’ availability, some of you may prefer to create draft schedules before publishing.

If employees keep making changes, you might find yourselves having to constantly modify their drafted schedules, which can be very discouraging and time-consuming. 

Well, I have good news for you! With Voilà!, you have the option of setting an advanced deadline to prevent employees from making changes to their availability.

The deadline will be clearly indicated in their Voilà! account and they will have to communicate with you for exceptions.

That way, you can create your schedule without worrying about employees’ availibility changing all the time. After your schedule is published, you have the option of allowing employees to request replacements or shift swaps with their colleagues, with or without your approval.

Once again, Voilà! proves to be one of the most flexible and efficient app on the market and I would love to do a brief demo for you whenever you can spare 20 minutes.

Simply send your availability over at and you’ll understand the tremendous amount of time and hassle that your team could save.

Thank you for watching and see you again soon!