Feature Update: Account Settings

account settings update

For the holidays, Voilà! offers you peace of mind with simpler to use and more flexible settings.

To wrap up the end of 2020, we’re very proud to represent a feature that you know well, one which our team has recently invested a lot of energy into:

 Your Voilà! account settings and the business rules they allow you to create.

What does this redesign bring? 

Well, the new settings add a great deal of flexibility, in addition to greatly simplifying the configuration of your Voilà! account and the addition of more or less complex business rules.

But what does this mean in concrete terms?

New divisions

Our first addition is the creation of divisions to organize your business. This instance above the teams allows you to group several teams and apply different permissions or business rules to them all at once.

Creation of default rules 

To further simplify the management of your workforce, Voilà! now also offers the possibility of applying global rules to your entire company.

Thus, if all your teams operate according to the same rules and the same convention, there is no need to configure them one after the other. All you have to do is customize the few differences that apply only to certain teams, divisions, positions or workplaces.

So much more simplicity here too.

Creating various invitation priorities

At the invitation rules level, you now have the ability to preconfigure multiple invitation orders and assignment priorities.

By making these available to your managers, you allow them to use different sequences according to the context of a shift or a replacement.

Thereby reducing the delay or increasing the reach of invited employees to a last-minute shift.

Your managers will always have the choice to apply the default rule, or to choose among the predefined processes available to them.

Finally, we have reorganized the entire settings section to provide a more user-friendly interface that makes it easier for administrators to adapt the structure of their Voilà! accounts.

For a more detailed overview of the changes contained in this new version of Voilà!, we invite you to watch the video presentation available on our YouTube channel.