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Before Voilà! I had nearly 80 post-its reminding me of every employee's time constraints. Now, it's almost a full workday I save on scheduling alone every week.
Geneviève Watters, Manager
MAclinique Lebourgneuf

About MAclinique

Maclinique aims to bring together different groups of health professionals under one roof. The Lebourgneuf branch regroups family and specialized medical services, a minor emergency, a perinatal service and several other specialties.

Given the ever-changing nature of staffing needs and the drastic impact an absence can have, the group uses Voilà! to plan schedules, manage replacements and monitor the attendance of nursing and support staff.

The Challenges

Before choosing Voilà! to automate their workload, MAclinique took on the complex task of publishing work schedules several weeks in advance and updating them on a daily basis. The ever-changing nature of their operations made it a complex process to publish schedules more than one week at a time. Having to repeat the process on a regular basis became a hassle.

In addition to managing the day-to-day operations of the clinic (which includes an GMF-R) MAclinique managers had to collect employees’ availabilities, build their schedules and communicate them directly to each employee. The process itself was time-consuming and counter-productive.

Additionally, managers were constantly on the lookout for replacement requests. As a result, they had to play the dreaded telephone game to ensure they found one. Time wasn’t on their side. As healthcare professionals, they needed to invest their time in areas where it was needed most: their patients.

The Solution

As soon as Voilà! was implemented in the most sensitive area of the clinic: the nursing unit,  MAclinique was able to automatically collect the availability of its staff for the coming weeks without any intervention from the managers. The use of Voilà! quickly spread to the digitization teams and to the receptionists, other departments where schedule management was particularly complex.