How Voila! Helped Angus Medical Clinic Simplify Doctors and Nurses Scheduling

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It’s easy to integrate, it simplifies the scheduling process and above all, makes scheduling kind of fun!
Marie-Lou Dupuis
Director of Angus Medical Clinic

About Angus Medical Clinic

Angus Medical Clinic is a family medicine group (FMG) that consists of around 30 general practitioners, 50 specialists and 30 supporting employees.

As a healthcare clinic, they understand the value behind a healthy work-life balance. Having a life outside of work is crucial for productivity and mental health. Voilà! helped them to achieve this by providing employees with the autonomy to take charge of their scheduling.

The Challenge

Before implementing Voilà!, one of the main challenges they faced was being unable to notify employees on vacation and send them the latest scheduling changes.

Lacking a replacement management process resulted in employees forgetting to come into work or coming in at the wrong time. Marie-Lou Dupuis, Director of Angus Medical Clinic described their schedule management as being “really chaotic”.

Everything was done on paper with new versions of employees’ schedules constantly being printed out every time a modification occurred.

The Solution

After integrating Voilà!, scheduling became “simplified overnight.” From sending in leave and vacation requests to finding last-minute replacements, Voilà! streamlined the process.

For Marie-Lou and her team scheduling went from chaotic to easy and sort of fun. Employees gained quick access to the app via a direct link. From there, they were able to access it on their mobile phones.

According to management, integration was easy for the team and within one day everyone was connected to Voilà! In the long run, less time spent on managing replacements and updating schedules, helped Marie-Lou and her team reduce stress and achieve a healthy- work-life balance.

Manager using Voilà!

Can you provide a specific example of when Voilà! benefitted you and your team?

Voilà! helps me manage last-minute changes. For example, whenever a new doctor became available, I can quickly add a nurse to complete the schedule.

If I have any questions, the Voilà! support team is easily accessible and quick to respond to you.

Each time I sent an email, I always received an answer on the same day- Catherine Leclerc, nurse coordinator at the Angus Medical Clinic.

Managers at Clinique angus

What would you tell people that are hesitant to try Voilà?

I would tell them that it’s the best way to have a scheduling system that benefits both the employer and the employee.

It’s easy to integrate and simplifies the scheduling process between nurses and doctors. Above all, makes scheduling kind of fun!