How Polymos Saved 50% Of Their Time on Replacement Management Using Voilà!

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Voilà! is a very easy and efficient app. You can schedule people directly through it and view employees’ availability in real-time which is an amazing time-saver since you’re always in the know!
Sara Macleod
HR Assistant, Polymos

About Polymos

Founded in 1969, Polymos is an expanded resin manufacturer. With two warehouses across Quebec and over 250 employees, this third-generation family-run company owes the key to their success to their hard-working employees.

Their ability to adapt to different situations and understand their customers’ needs is what sets them apart and keeps them going, day in and day out.

The Challenge

The 2020 workforce shortage made it difficult for HR Assistant Sara Macleod and her team to hire full-time employees.

As a result, they turned towards hiring part-time workers. A drastic shift, which involved contacting approximately 15- 20 employees through various modes of communication (including social media, texting, phone calls) to fill each open shift.

For Sara and her team, the line between personal and workplace communication became blurred. Keeping track of it all, felt chaotic and stressful, as it became a 24/7 duty.

Factory worker at Polymos

The Solution

Once Sara and her team made the switch to Voilà!, it became a lot easier managing replacements.

Instead of running around contacting employees through various communication channels, Voilà! streamlined the process, empowering employees to communicate with one another through its built-in messaging system and apply to open shifts directly on the app.

Doing so eliminated the waiting period for finding a last-minute replacement. Sara and her team could automate the process while staying in the know of their employees’ changing availability, including when they wanted to work as well as the number of weekly hours.

Manager using Voilà!

What did employees enjoy the most about using Voilà!?

Being able to communicate directly on Voilà! if something unexpected came up and prevented them from coming in, they could easily cancel their shift and request a replacement.

This took away the guilt and stress of “feeling forced” to come in. As a result, they felt more productive and were happier during their shifts.

Can you provide a specific example of when Voilà! was beneficial to you and your team?

We once had to replace a student at the last minute. They couldn’t come in for family reasons and had to cancel their shift. With Voilà!, we were able to find a student that could come in the same night within a few hours’ notice.

Factory worker at polymos

What would you tell people that are hesitant to try Voilà?

I would tell them it’s a very easy and efficient app. You can schedule people directly through it and view availability which is an amazing time-saver since you’re always in the know!

In the long run, it saved us a lot of time and increased our plant’s productivity by reducing downtimes.