Can You Delete All Shifts On a Given Day at Once?

Hello, I’m Nicole!

Welcome to Feature Friday, where I’ll be answering another customer question about Voilà!, the employee scheduling and workforce optimization app.

The question this time is: Can we delete all shifts on a given day at once?

Yes, it is possible and not only for a specific day but for any period of time. In addition, you can choose to delete all shifts related to certain teams, worksites or positions.

The deleting feature becomes very handy for companies that need to close every now and then because their activities depend on Mother Nature. For instance: water parks and ski resorts.

Being able to delete many shifts at once is also useful when you are forced to shut down for a long period of time or operate at a limited capacity, which unfortunately happens more frequently these days. In this case, you most likely have to redo your whole schedule with a limited workforce.

So you can just delete the shifts for the next few weeks and make a new schedule from a blank canvas.

I hope I answered your question and if you need more details, please reach out to Voilà!’s team at and we’ll be glad to give you more information.

Once again, thanks for watching and keep sending us questions, we love to answer them!