Can Managers Post Employee Announcements on a Billboard?

Hi everyone! I’m Nicole with Voilà! and it’s time for another Feature Friday about our employee scheduling and workforce optimization app.

A customer recently asked:

“Can managers post employee announcements on a billboard?”

Absolutely! From 2-way conversations, messages and announcements in “Read Only” mode, with Voilà! you can centralize all types of communication with your employees.

A conversation allows recipients to respond and add comments to a posted message. As for the “Read-only” mode, well, it’s pretty self-explanatory. Both modes allow you to attach files and documents. However, only managers can use the “Read-only” mode.

Filters can be used so that both conversations and announcements are seen only by the desired recipients. It can be addressed to the whole company, specific groups of employees based on teams, locations, or positions.

As long as an announcement hasn’t been archived by the manager, it will remain visible to the employees for future reference.

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