“Can Managers Decide Which Time-Clock They Want Their Team to Use?”

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I’m back for another Feature Friday where we answer the latest customer questions.

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Today’s question:

Can managers decide which time clock, either mobile or web or both, they want to activate for their own teams?”

The short answer: Yes.

Depending on the company’s rules, each manager can activate the web or the mobile time clock and customize accordingly per division, team, location and position.

You can pre-set your rules so that the timesheets reflect any desired automated adjustment. For instance, you can customize Voilà! to start paying employees at their scheduled time no matter how early they clock-in, or round it up to 5, 10 or 15 minutes. Although adjusted times will be shown on the timesheets, Voilà! keeps track of the real punched time for reference.

Not only does Voilà! allow you to pick up on inconsistencies between employees’ scheduled and real worked time, but it also considerably cuts down on your time spent approving timesheets, as you can focus only on the ones that really require your attention.

The best way to understand Voilà!’s time clock’s flexibility is to try it. Feel free to go to our website and reach out to me or one of our Voilà! specialists and we’ll be more than happy to personally show you how it works.

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