Can a Manager Decide an Employee’s Availability?

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I’m Tauryce with Voilà!, the employee scheduling and workforce optimization app and it’s time for another Feature Friday.

A question came in asking:

Can a manager decide an employee’s availability?

As I’m sure you all know from previous Feature Fridays, employees are able to set, update, and change their availabilities directly in the employee’s tab.

Managers have the ability to do the same for their employees. So they could set availabilities for their employees if they wish, or alter them if needed very easily.

Since we are on the topic of employee availabilities, with our new release employees can now set how many hours per week they prefer, how many weekdays and weekend days they would like to work in a given week, and how many shifts per day they are open to if your business has the option of multiple shifts in a day.

The availability feature on our platform is also a key driving force with our new auto-scheduling feature, so make sure to check it out and become well acquainted with it!

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