Here Are 5 New Updates That’ll Help You Manage Your Timesheets More Efficiently!


Voilà!’s timesheets are an essential feature that helps payroll managers save a lot of time in the long haul. We’ve taken your feedback to heart and optimized your timesheets by implementing the following updates:

1. Deletion of time entries

It is now possible for an employee who inserted an incorrect time entry to delete it without having it be validated by their manager.

Note: Once the timesheet is validated, an employee can no longer delete or modify their time entries and once locked, a manager can no longer alter it either (like normally).

2. Timesheet filters

Timesheet filters are useful for processing and approving times for groups of employees sharing one team, position, or location at a time. It’s now possible to view only employees with unapproved shifts. This eliminates the hassle of trying to identify employees whose timesheets require your attention without sorting through hundreds of coworkers.

This feature allows you to finalize your pay in no time!

3. Removal of shifts with time entries

Managers can now delete shifts with a time entry, allowing them to delete a previously posted timesheet error entry.

4. Photo Punch-Ins now displays directly in Overview

Managers no longer have to open an employee’s timesheet if they want to validate that a colleague has checked in or not. With the photo punch validation directly on the timesheet overview, everything can be confirmed on this screen.

If necessary, you can click on the photo thumbnail to zoom in or out.

5. Reports now generated using Excel format

While some users mentioned that their version of Microsoft Excel struggled to display certain reports correctly, a new timesheet report version with optimized Excel format is now available (in addition to the usual CSV formats). No matter how you set up Excel or Google Sheets, rest assured that the columns, numbers and accents will display correctly.