4 Ways to Optimize Your Schedules for Profitability


We’ve all heard the popular saying that time is money.

Many SaaS companies (including Voilà!) serve to help you save time by offering automated scheduling solutions that fit your workforce needs.

Yet, if you aren’t building profitable schedules from the get-go, time loses its value.

Think of it this way:

The free time you’ve gained from automating schedules is great, but if it’s not aimed towards profitability, what’s the point?

When it comes to running a business, profitability is key.

Before you can focus on saving time, you need to focus on building profitability.

Here are 4 ways to optimize your schedules for profitability:

1. Balance schedules between employees to avoid overtime

Productivity and business gurus preach about the importance of achieving balance and for good reason: it allows you to optimize your life, including the way you manage your workforce.

The question remains: how do you achieve balance in scheduling building?

The first step is determining how many employees need to be available during a given shift.

Then, you can prioritize qualified employees who have the least hours on their schedules when sending them a shift invitation.

By ensuring they all get a solid amount of hours, you’ll steer clear of overtime premiums while keeping employees engaged

By controlling your schedules’ costs, you’ll save money in the long haul and avoid overpaying your employees.

2. Get a global overview of your entire company to ensure profitability at all times

It’s hard to keep track of all your scheduling, let alone manage it.

With Voilà!, you can get a global overview of all your costs and dig into them based on each location, department or branch.

With cost and time control features you can stay in the know of assigned hours and salaries.

From there, you can compare different branches to see whether one is more profitable than the next and adjust accordingly.

This helps you set standards across your company and improve your efficiency on a global scale.

3. Create error-free schedules that respect your budget

As a branch manager, the last thing you need to worry about is ensuring all your schedules respect your budget.

Having to manually double-check each one can be a hassle and quite frankly: a waste of time.

Voilà! takes the worry out of your day by being your extra set of eyes and displaying budget progress in real-time as you are building your schedules.

That way, if you are getting too close to your benchmark, you can ask your administrator to increase the staffing budget or review your staff plan to meet your profitability.

4. Set budget alerts to always be in the know

One time or another, you’ve probably experienced a superhero complex, when you thought you can manage everything at once, only to realize you’re way over your head?

When it comes to keeping track of your budgets and not going overboard, a little help goes a long way.

By setting budget alerts, you’ll gain peace of mind knowing where you stand at all times.

Whether you want to create a budget threshold for specific locations or teams, Voilà! notifies you when you’re reaching your limit. That way you’ll never be in the red zone.

You can also let your managers create schedules on their own, knowing that Voilà! will alert you whenever they get close to your thresholds.

Seasonal industries like ski and theme parks can take it a step further by setting budgets to operate for a specific period of time and adjust accordingly to peak periods.


When it comes to optimizing your schedules, it’s important not to overlook the key driver of your business: profitability.

As much as saving time is important, money is the engine that allows time to take place to begin with.

From setting budget alerts to ensuring error-free schedules with tracking and monitoring features, Voilà! keeps you out of the red and ensures your schedules are optimized to meet profitability.

 By building profitable schedules you can be rest-assured that time will be on your everyone’s side.

If you’re interested in learning how Voilà!’s versatile budget features can help your business save money in the long run, feel free to contact us today for a free demo!