Advanced Scheduling Metrics:

Create a schedule that generates profits with Voilà!

Stay in full control of your business goals with advanced scheduling metrics.

Sales Forecast

Keep an eye on your revenues throughout your schedule creations.

There’s more to creating a schedule then simply assigning shifts to employees. 

Voilà! allows you to know, in real time, the cost of the assigned workforce and observe its impact on your key performance indicators (KPI’s).

That way you’ll know where your schedule is financially profitable before making it available to your employees.

Custom Recommendations

Voilà! ensures that the assigned workforce respects your budgets and criteria.

When you have an open shift of any kind, Voilà! considers the total hours already assigned to your employees, their cost and the maximum number of hours  each employee worked.

From there, Voilà! recommends and invites resources that respect the profitability criteria of your company.

Employee Engagement

Identify the most engaged employees and bet on your most reliable resources during critical times.

Voilà! leaves a digital trail for you by saving all replacement requests and response frequencies made by your employees. 

You can easily find out who is frequently absent or replaced, and which employee(s ) accept the most replacements. 

With that valuable information in hand,  you’ll be able to work with your employees on minimizing replacement demands and know who’s going to save you when a last-minute replacement is needed!

Customizable Exports

Export your work data to transfer it to your payroll, accounting or human resources management software.

Voilà! let’s you export the data of your schedules in various formats. You can analyze them via your preferred management tool or transfer them to your payroll system in a few clicks!

Increase your schedules profitability!