Voilà helps your employees create their schedules to

Simplify the management of your business

Operating a business is not an easy task. With Voilà, you no longer have to worry about having all the necessary workforce on premise. Assignments, schedules and replacements are done automatically, according to YOUR instructions.

  • Invitation of employees to make their schedules according to your needs and priorities
  • Customizable timesheets to import to your accounting system
  • Labor costs and revenues benchmarks for each period

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Sales forecast
and cost reports

Align your workforce with your sales forecast or earnings from past weeks. Generate time and cost reports of your workforce in a recurring and personalized way.

Scheduling based on your needs

Stop running after your employees' availability. Share them your needs and let them apply directly on the shifts that interest them.

On-call lists and replacements

Voilà supports last-minute replacements by contacting available employees. The algorithm adjusts to the delay available to maximize the chances of filling every vacant shift.

Voilà's impact in numbers

500 %

Average return on investment

+ 5000

Work shifts created monthly

30 %

Reduced absenteeism

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