Voilà adapts

To all restaurants types

You create memorable experiences for your customers. We make sure to do the same for your employees!

  • Labor costs management by job type, location or work team
  • Create on-call shifts to adjust to customer traffic
  • Instant support for replacement requests
  • Mobile app to manage the workforce in the field

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Sales forecast
and cost reports

Customize your labour cost reports and timesheets for easy payroll processing.

Recurring work shifts
or by rotation

Balance schedules among your employees by automatically rotating the most popular shifts.

Mobility of the workforce
between your establishments

Whenever a restaurant is short-staffed, allow employees from your other establishments to fill open shifts.

Voilà's impact in numbers

500 %

Average return on investment

+ 5000

Work shifts created monthly

30 %

Reduced absenteeism

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