Voilà manages schedules and replacements in

Health facilities

Voilà allows managers to view and build their schedules in seconds. Every additional labor need, absence or replacement request is quickly taken care of to find the most qualified and available employee to fill it.

  • Quick employee invitation based on your prioritization criteria
  • Support for 24-hour real-time replacements
  • Detailed time reports to analyze the performance of your teams

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No contracts required

Customizable assignment algorithm

Make sure your staff is invited to take shifts following your needs and collective agreements.

On-call lists and replacements

Once a replacement is requested by an employee, Voilà supports your on-call lists to maximize your chances of filling the vacant position with the most qualified employee available.

Mobility between institutions

Health needs fluctuate continuously. Use Voilà to fill the shifts of an overcrowded establishment with the qualified and interested staff of your other institutions.

Voilà's impact in numbers

500 %

Average return on investment

+ 5000

Work shifts created monthly

30 %

Reduced absenteeism

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