Voilà optimizes the schedules of

Your Fitness Center

Voilà helps you set your needs for teachers, staff and coaches in just a few clicks. Your employees can select the shifts they want on a recurring or one-off basis. Never again will you have to cancel a class because of a lack of teachers to offer it!

  • Create your schedules according to your different classes and the qualifications of your teachers
  • Communicate with teachers through the app, SMS or email according to their preferences
  • Create timesheets to import into your payroll system

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Sales forecast
and cost reports

Compare your sales forecasts and your earnings to your workforce's cost. Optimize your activities before assigning your workforce to maximize your profitability.

Scheduling in seconds

Once your classes and coaching schedule has been set, indicate your workforce needs on Voilà and let qualified employees apply on open shifts.

Multi-activity and multi-site management

Manage each of your locations independently in a single Voilà account or allow your staff to fill shifts within all of your training centers.

Voilà's impact in numbers

500 %

Average return on investment

+ 5000

Work shifts created monthly

30 %

Reduced absenteeism

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