Take control of your schedule with Voilà

Employees’ availability is constantly changing and managers must take this into account when creating schedules. With Voilà, employees build their own schedule according to the company’s needs.

Respect of each employee’s constraints

Voilà respects each employee’s availability and constraints, reducing the need for replacements.

Simplified replacements

An employee can request a replacement for a shift at any time without his manager’s intervention. The app will quickly find a replacement.

Shift trading between colleagues

An employee can trade shifts with colleagues in a few clicks. The manager is instantly notified of the change which confirms that the schedule remains complete.

Your schedule at your fingertips

Employees can access their schedule at all times, from anywhere. No more forgetting shifts, as Voilà is here to remind you.

Schedules adapted to each employee’s reality

Employees can choose the shifts that best suit them, according to the company’s needs and seniority and/or performance score established by their manager.

  • Schedule optimization to ensure that each employee meet the maximum and minimum work hours policy
  • Shift alerts available via SMS, email or push notifications
  • Priority given to employees according to your company’s specific criteria

Avoid any confusion with a schedule accessible at all times.

With Voilà, your schedule follows you everywhere. You cannot forget a shift or make two commitments at the same time! Employees and managers can check their schedule directly on any mobile device.

Watch your calendar get updated automatically after shift trades or replacements.

Last minute issue? Find a replacement quickly!

An employee can request a replacement or shift trade at any time. Voilà finds the most adequate person to take over the shift,  ensuring that no shift is left unfilled.

No more ceaseless calls and SMS to trade a shift

Communications between employees and managers are automated to simplify schedule management:

  • Shift trades are made between colleagues directly in the app
  • Schedules are automatically updated following a change: no more changing availability between two calls!
  • Voilà uses the employee’s preferred method to reach him (SMS, email or push notification)