About Flash Romeo

Our mission? Understand the reality of today's managers to develop products which optimize their daily lives.

Founded by the team that revolutionized recruitment with Taleo at the turn of the millennium, Flash Romeo continues to tackle business managers’ day-to-day struggles.

Our team of experts in management technologies stands apart due to their comprehensive management experience gained working with companies from different backgrounds. We havea global view of the different management styles and contexts that allow  us to develop flexible solutions adapted to the specific needs of each of our clients.

We believe that our products revolutionize their respective fields, not from a technological standpoint, but by their simplicity and ease of implementation regardless of your business context.

Our Team

Experienced professionals dedicated to simplifying today’s managers’ daily lives.

Martin Ouellet


A career entrepreneur and angel investor, Martin has a flair for innovation. Since selling his first company, Taleo, his passion isto invest in the growth of emerging technology companies and the development of Québec’s entrepreneurial potential.

Each project in which he gets involved must meet one criterion: revolutionize the industry in which it operates!

Christian Gauthier

VP of Technology

With more than 30 years of experience in software development, Christian has been at the forefront of the evolution of Quebec’s technology industry. He is a versatile solutions architect who has contributed to the creation of different frameworks and softwares. He also has a deep knowledge of different programming languages.

Christian makes sure that the logic and technical choices behind our products allow their evolution and their long-term viability.

Max Trudel

Sales & Marketing VP

Max is always advancing at top speed. Having launched and operated several companies, he has an extensive experience managing teams of all sizes which helps him understand and target the needs of our customers.

Action-oriented, he has a broad experience and expertise that he enjoys sharing as a teacher, columnist and speaker.

Jeanette Butler, CPA-CA

VP Finance & Administration

A chartered accountant, Jeanette has more than 20 years of experience in the technology sector. Formerly corporate controller at Taleo, she has extensive experience managing teams in a fast-growing environment. She also collaborated on the company’s initial public offering (IPO) in the US market by implementing numerous internal controls.

Since 2008, she has been the Vice President of Finance for various technology companies.

Nicole Ouellet

Sales Director

Nicole stands out for her rigor and dedication towards her clients. Co-founder of Taleo, she has developed a deep understanding of management technologies, but most of all, of the challenges they must overcome.

Having held various marketing roles in Canada and the United States, Nicole has developed a keen ability to listen and understand her clients which allows us to develop products that meet the real needs of the market.

Nan Divoux

UX/UI Specialist

Nan developed a broad expertise in user experience design as she contributed to the development of various video games.

Her understanding of users’ motivations and behaviors is key to the development of our web and mobile applications. She especially excels in helping of users reproduce complex behaviors in simple and friendly ways.